Slingmax® Rigging Solutions: Pioneering Excellence Since 1986  

In 1986, Slingmax® Rigging Solutions made history by introducing the world's first Twin-Path® synthetic fiber roundsling, a game-changer in the rigging and overhead lifting industry. This groundbreaking innovation revolutionized the field of rigging, setting new standards for safety and performance. 

Today, the Slingmax® Organization is a global force, comprising a network of 39 full-service locations strategically positioned across 12 countries. Our worldwide team is committed to fabricating the most advanced rigging products available on the market, continuing the tradition of excellence set forth by our Twin-Path® technology. 

Our Rigging "Solutions" Include: Twin-Path® Extra Slings with K-SPEC® Core Yarn: These cutting-edge lifting slings have not only redefined safety but also set remarkable records, with successful testing up to an astounding 3 million pounds. Additionally, our patented Check-Fast® early warning indicator technology is a game-changer for safety and reliability. 

K-SPEC® Core Yarn: The core yarn's unparalleled abrasion resistance ensures that it maintains its catalog-breaking strength even after 50,000 cycles, guaranteeing longevity and durability. High Performance Synthetic Slings and Multi-part Wire Rope Slings: We offer a range of ergonomically superior solutions to meet your diverse rigging needs. 

Training and Rigging Accessories: In addition to our innovative rigging products, we provide comprehensive training and a range of accessories designed to protect both your slings and loads. 

For safety, quality, durability, and the lowest true "cost of use" in innovative rigging equipment, Slingmax® is your SOLUTION. We're proud to lead the way in advancing the industry, ensuring your projects are not only efficient but also, most importantly, safe. Choose Slingmax® Rigging Solutions for a world of difference in rigging excellence.