Over Head Lifting Chain

Alloy lifting chain stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to strength and durability in industrial settings. This chain is meticulously engineered to excel in rugged conditions, offering versatility, high-strength, and a lightweight design that makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of industrial applications. 

To ensure its exceptional performance, the alloy lifting chain undergoes a stringent process. It is quenched and tempered before being subjected to proof testing, guaranteeing its resilience and reliability in the most demanding situations. What sets this chain apart is its compliance with the strictest industry standards. 

The G80/100 chain not only meets but exceeds all existing OSHA, government, National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM), and ASTM specification requirements. This level of commitment to quality and safety ensures that when you choose Elko Wire Rope alloy lifting chain, you are selecting a product that not only meets but surpasses the highest industry standards, providing you with peace of mind and reliability in your industrial applications.

Over Head Lifting Chains

Grade 100

Grade 100 Alloy Lifting Chain

Grade 80

Grade 80 Alloy Lifting Chain

Grade 50 S.S.

Grade 50 S.S. Lifting Chain