GT Geared Trolley

GEARED AND READY TO GO The reliability, operational smoothness, and safety of your hoist depends on the trolley. Heat-treated steel wheels, sealed bearings, and a low-turn radius are just some of the benefits of a geared trolley from Harrington.


1/2 - 20 Ton 


OSHA Section 1910.179 of Title 29, “Occupational Safety and Health Regulations—Overhead and Gantry Cranes.” ANSI/ASME B30.11, “Safety Standard—Monorails and Underhung Cranes.” ANSI/ASME B30.17, “Safety Standard—Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Single Girder, Underhung Hoist)" BODY A strong, lightweight, and compact design 


Contoured wheels that fit both tapered and flat flange beams 


Adjustable flange width to fit a wide variety of beam flange widths 


Maintenance-free low friction design Lubricated for life 


For short traversing distances and precise load movement 


Rubber bumpers Variety of suspenders Shaft extenders for wide flange widths Longer hand chain lengths