Red Round Sling

    • Endless Round Sling Configurations: The slings are engineered to enable users to rotate hook and load contact points. This innovation plays a crucial role in increasing the lifespan of the slings, ensuring that they remain reliable and resilient over time. 
    • Polyester Core Yarn: The core of these round slings is composed of high-quality polyester core yarn. This choice of material is known for its strength, reliability, and resistance to abrasion, making it ideal for heavy lifting applications.
    • Seamless Tubular Cover: The round sling construction features a seamless, tubular cover. This design eliminates the common issue of premature rupturing of covers, often found in seamed round slings. The seamless design ensures consistent performance and enhances the overall safety of your lifting operations. 
    • Longevity: With their durable construction and innovative design, Elko Wire Rope Polyester Round Slings are built to stand the test of time. You can rely on these slings for [repeated use without concerns about wear and tear.