Manual Trolleys & Beam Clams

Harrington Trolleys: Unleashing Mobility and Durability Harrington's trolleys are the embodiment of versatility, durability, and mobility. They empower your hoists with the freedom to move, making them a valuable addition to any application that demands seamless mobility. Whether you need to transport heavy loads across your workspace or require the flexibility to position your hoist precisely, Harrington trolleys deliver. 

Key Features of Harrington Trolleys: 

 1.      Versatility: Harrington trolleys are designed to be versatile, capable of adapting to a wide range of hoisting applications. They provide the mobility necessary to efficiently position loads and equipment in diverse industrial settings. 

 2.      Durability: Constructed with the same commitment to durability that characterizes Harrington's products, these trolleys are built to withstand the rigors of industrial use. They are engineered to endure heavy loads, frequent use, and harsh environments. 

 3.      Hoist Mobility: Harrington's trolleys are the perfect complement to their hoists, providing the mobility needed to transport loads with precision and ease. They enhance the capabilities of hoists, making them even more valuable tools in your operations. 

Harrington Beam Clamps: 

Flexible Anchoring and Below-the-Hook Solutions In addition to trolleys, Harrington's beam clamps offer flexibility and reliability in anchoring and below-the-hook applications. These clamps can serve as temporary anchor points or function as below-the-hook devices, providing you with versatile options for lifting and securing loads. 

Harrington's commitment to quality and durability is a common thread in both their trolleys and beam clamps. They are designed to enhance your operations by providing reliable mobility and anchoring solutions, ensuring that you're lifting and positioning tasks are executed with efficiency and safety in mind. Harrington is your trusted partner for top-notch equipment that stands up to the demands of your industry.