GAC Slings

Designed for Suspension Applications where metal slings are required.

With the trend in stage rigging to require metal slings for all overhead suspension, the problem has been how to accomplish this in the most efficient and cost effective way. STEELFLEX ROUNDSLINGS are the answer to that problem! The load-bearing member of STEELFLEX ROUNDSLINGS is made from steel Galvanized Aircraft Cable wound in an endless configuration. This wire core is encased in a black double-wall, polyester jacket. A unique inspection window allows for easy inspection of the core for broken wires and corrosion. The result is a highly flexible, easy to use sling that complies with all of the current rigging codes.

  • 400° F Temperature Rating 
  • Custom Tags available upon request
  • Conforms to load to grip securely
  • No backup rigging required
  • Fewer components to inventory and carry
  • Superior flexibility makes rigging easy

gac sling.jpg