CornerMax® Sleeve

The CornerMax® Sleeve is the ideal solution to protect synthetic slings from cutting when it is not practical to use a CornerMax® Pad. This can be due to the geometry of the load edge not allowing space for a pad or repetitive uses, such as unloading steel coils.  The extreme cut resistance of the sleeve is attributed to its proprietary weave design and is unmatched in the rigging industry with a cut protection rating of 25,000 pounds (4464kg per cm) per inch of sling width. The CornerMax® Sleeve is made with high-tech fiber and is laboratory tested for cut resistance.  In some applications, the CornerMax® Sleeve may be attached to the sling to prevent sliding of the pad between lifts.  The true benefits of the revolutionary material far outweigh the costs and now provide for the use of synthetic slings in applications previously dominated by heavy chain, mesh, and wire rope slings. 

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Cornermax Pad Cut Protection Damage or misused protection can result in damage or sling failure. Inspect before each use. Inspect for cuts, tears or damage may prevent protection of the sling. Ensure protection is the correct size and type to protect the sling. Prevent pads and sling from slipping or siding across load edge. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use, maintenance and/or inspection.  MAXIMUM LOADING: Do NOT exceed 25,000 lbs. per inch of sling width.